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numpy.core.records.fromfile(fd, dtype=None, shape=None, offset=0, formats=None, names=None, titles=None, aligned=False, byteorder=None)[source]

Create an array from binary file data

If file is a string then that file is opened, else it is assumed to be a file object. The file object must support random access (i.e. it must have tell and seek methods).

>>> from tempfile import TemporaryFile
>>> a = np.empty(10,dtype='f8,i4,a5')
>>> a[5] = (0.5,10,'abcde')
>>> fd=TemporaryFile()
>>> a = a.newbyteorder('<')
>>> a.tofile(fd)
>>> r=np.core.records.fromfile(fd, formats='f8,i4,a5', shape=10,
... byteorder='<')
>>> print(r[5])
(0.5, 10, 'abcde')
>>> r.shape