Datetime Support Functions

datetime_as_string(arr[, unit, timezone, …]) Convert an array of datetimes into an array of strings.
datetime_data(dtype, /) Get information about the step size of a date or time type.

Business Day Functions

busdaycalendar([weekmask, holidays]) A business day calendar object that efficiently stores information defining valid days for the busday family of functions.
is_busday(dates[, weekmask, holidays, …]) Calculates which of the given dates are valid days, and which are not.
busday_offset(dates, offsets[, roll, …]) First adjusts the date to fall on a valid day according to the roll rule, then applies offsets to the given dates counted in valid days.
busday_count(begindates, enddates[, …]) Counts the number of valid days between begindates and enddates, not including the day of enddates.