classmethod Chebyshev.interpolate(func, deg, domain=None, args=())[source]

Interpolate a function at the Chebyshev points of the first kind.

Returns the series that interpolates func at the Chebyshev points of the first kind scaled and shifted to the domain. The resulting series tends to a minmax approximation of func when the function is continuous in the domain.

New in version 1.14.0.

func : function

The function to be interpolated. It must be a function of a single variable of the form f(x, a, b, c...), where a, b, c... are extra arguments passed in the args parameter.

deg : int

Degree of the interpolating polynomial.

domain : {None, [beg, end]}, optional

Domain over which func is interpolated. The default is None, in which case the domain is [-1, 1].

args : tuple, optional

Extra arguments to be used in the function call. Default is no extra arguments.

polynomial : Chebyshev instance

Interpolating Chebyshev instance.


See numpy.polynomial.chebfromfunction for more details.

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