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class numpy.busdaycalendar(weekmask='1111100', holidays=None)[source]

A business day calendar object that efficiently stores information defining valid days for the busday family of functions.

The default valid days are Monday through Friday (“business days”). A busdaycalendar object can be specified with any set of weekly valid days, plus an optional “holiday” dates that always will be invalid.

Once a busdaycalendar object is created, the weekmask and holidays cannot be modified.

New in version 1.7.0.

weekmaskstr or array_like of bool, optional

A seven-element array indicating which of Monday through Sunday are valid days. May be specified as a length-seven list or array, like [1,1,1,1,1,0,0]; a length-seven string, like ‘1111100’; or a string like “Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri”, made up of 3-character abbreviations for weekdays, optionally separated by white space. Valid abbreviations are: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

holidaysarray_like of datetime64[D], optional

An array of dates to consider as invalid dates, no matter which weekday they fall upon. Holiday dates may be specified in any order, and NaT (not-a-time) dates are ignored. This list is saved in a normalized form that is suited for fast calculations of valid days.


A business day calendar object containing the specified weekmask and holidays values.

See also


Returns a boolean array indicating valid days.


Applies an offset counted in valid days.


Counts how many valid days are in a half-open date range.


>>> # Some important days in July
... bdd = np.busdaycalendar(
...             holidays=['2011-07-01', '2011-07-04', '2011-07-17'])
>>> # Default is Monday to Friday weekdays
... bdd.weekmask
array([ True,  True,  True,  True,  True, False, False])
>>> # Any holidays already on the weekend are removed
... bdd.holidays
array(['2011-07-01', '2011-07-04'], dtype='datetime64[D]')
Note: once a busdaycalendar object is created, you cannot modify the
weekmask or holidays. The attributes return copies of internal data.
weekmask(copy) seven-element array of bool

A copy of the seven-element boolean mask indicating valid days.

holidays(copy) sorted array of datetime64[D]

A copy of the holiday array indicating additional invalid days.