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Legendre.linspace(self, n=100, domain=None)[source]

Return x, y values at equally spaced points in domain.

Returns the x, y values at n linearly spaced points across the domain. Here y is the value of the polynomial at the points x. By default the domain is the same as that of the series instance. This method is intended mostly as a plotting aid.

New in version 1.5.0.

nint, optional

Number of point pairs to return. The default value is 100.

domain{None, array_like}, optional

If not None, the specified domain is used instead of that of the calling instance. It should be of the form [beg,end]. The default is None which case the class domain is used.

x, yndarray

x is equal to linspace(self.domain[0], self.domain[1], n) and y is the series evaluated at element of x.