Show libraries in the system on which NumPy was built.

Print information about various resources (libraries, library directories, include directories, etc.) in the system on which NumPy was built.

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Returns the directory containing NumPy C header files.


  1. Classes specifying the information to be printed are defined in the numpy.distutils.system_info module.

    Information may include:

    • language: language used to write the libraries (mostly C or f77)

    • libraries: names of libraries found in the system

    • library_dirs: directories containing the libraries

    • include_dirs: directories containing library header files

    • src_dirs: directories containing library source files

    • define_macros: preprocessor macros used by distutils.setup

    • baseline: minimum CPU features required

    • found: dispatched features supported in the system

    • not found: dispatched features that are not supported in the system

  2. NumPy BLAS/LAPACK Installation Notes

    Installing a numpy wheel (pip install numpy or force it via pip install numpy --only-binary :numpy: numpy) includes an OpenBLAS implementation of the BLAS and LAPACK linear algebra APIs. In this case, library_dirs reports the original build time configuration as compiled with gcc/gfortran; at run time the OpenBLAS library is in site-packages/numpy.libs/ (linux), or site-packages/numpy/.dylibs/ (macOS), or site-packages/numpy/.libs/ (windows).

    Installing numpy from source (pip install numpy --no-binary numpy) searches for BLAS and LAPACK dynamic link libraries at build time as influenced by environment variables NPY_BLAS_LIBS, NPY_CBLAS_LIBS, and NPY_LAPACK_LIBS; or NPY_BLAS_ORDER and NPY_LAPACK_ORDER; or the optional file ~/.numpy-site.cfg. NumPy remembers those locations and expects to load the same libraries at run-time. In NumPy 1.21+ on macOS, ‘accelerate’ (Apple’s Accelerate BLAS library) is in the default build-time search order after ‘openblas’.


>>> import numpy as np
>>> np.show_config()
    language = c
    define_macros = [('HAVE_CBLAS', None)]
    libraries = ['openblas', 'openblas']
    library_dirs = ['/usr/local/lib']