testing.measure(code_str, times=1, label=None)[source]#

Return elapsed time for executing code in the namespace of the caller.

The supplied code string is compiled with the Python builtin compile. The precision of the timing is 10 milli-seconds. If the code will execute fast on this timescale, it can be executed many times to get reasonable timing accuracy.


The code to be timed.

timesint, optional

The number of times the code is executed. Default is 1. The code is only compiled once.

labelstr, optional

A label to identify code_str with. This is passed into compile as the second argument (for run-time error messages).


Total elapsed time in seconds for executing code_str times times.


>>> times = 10
>>> etime = np.testing.measure('for i in range(1000): np.sqrt(i**2)', times=times)
>>> print("Time for a single execution : ", etime / times, "s")  
Time for a single execution :  0.005 s