Return the current callback function used on floating-point errors.

When the error handling for a floating-point error (one of “divide”, “over”, “under”, or “invalid”) is set to ‘call’ or ‘log’, the function that is called or the log instance that is written to is returned by geterrcall. This function or log instance has been set with seterrcall.

errobjcallable, log instance or None

The current error handler. If no handler was set through seterrcall, None is returned.

See also

seterrcall, seterr, geterr


For complete documentation of the types of floating-point exceptions and treatment options, see seterr.


>>> np.geterrcall()  # we did not yet set a handler, returns None
>>> oldsettings = np.seterr(all='call')
>>> def err_handler(type, flag):
...     print("Floating point error (%s), with flag %s" % (type, flag))
>>> oldhandler = np.seterrcall(err_handler)
>>> np.array([1, 2, 3]) / 0.0
Floating point error (divide by zero), with flag 1
array([inf, inf, inf])
>>> cur_handler = np.geterrcall()
>>> cur_handler is err_handler