Older Array Packages

Below is a very brief history of NumPy and the array packages that were important to its development. These older array packages are no longer maintained, and users are strongly advised to use NumPy for any array-related purposes or refactor any pre-existing code to utilize the NumPy library.

History of NumPy

NumPy derives from an old library called Numeric, which was the first array object built for Python. It was quite successful and was used in a variety of applications before being phased out. NumPy also incorporates features introduced by a library called Numarray, which was written after Numeric but before NumPy.

When NumPy was first written, it wasn’t actually called “NumPy”. For about 6 months at the end of 2005, NumPy was called SciPy Core (not to be confused with the full SciPy package which remains a separate package). However, it was decided in January 2006 to go with the historical name of NumPy for the new package.

Historic Documentation

Numeric Manual