char.strip(a, chars=None)[source]#

For each element in a, return a copy with the leading and trailing characters removed.

aarray-like, with StringDType, bytes_, or str_ dtype
charsscalar with the same dtype as a, optional

The chars argument is a string specifying the set of characters to be removed. If None, the chars argument defaults to removing whitespace. The chars argument is not a prefix or suffix; rather, all combinations of its values are stripped.


Output array of StringDType, bytes_ or str_ dtype, depending on input types

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>>> c = np.array(['aAaAaA', '  aA  ', 'abBABba'])
>>> c
array(['aAaAaA', '  aA  ', 'abBABba'], dtype='<U7')
>>> np.strings.strip(c)
array(['aAaAaA', 'aA', 'abBABba'], dtype='<U7')
# 'a' unstripped from c[1] because of leading whitespace.
>>> np.strings.strip(c, 'a')
array(['AaAaA', '  aA  ', 'bBABb'], dtype='<U7')
# 'A' unstripped from c[1] because of trailing whitespace.
>>> np.strings.strip(c, 'A')
array(['aAaAa', '  aA  ', 'abBABba'], dtype='<U7')