linalg.diagonal(x, /, *, offset=0)[source]#

Returns specified diagonals of a matrix (or a stack of matrices) x.

This function is Array API compatible, contrary to numpy.diagonal, the matrix is assumed to be defined by the last two dimensions.

x(…,M,N) array_like

Input array having shape (…, M, N) and whose innermost two dimensions form MxN matrices.

offsetint, optional

Offset specifying the off-diagonal relative to the main diagonal, where:

* offset = 0: the main diagonal.
* offset > 0: off-diagonal above the main diagonal.
* offset < 0: off-diagonal below the main diagonal.
out(…,min(N,M)) ndarray

An array containing the diagonals and whose shape is determined by removing the last two dimensions and appending a dimension equal to the size of the resulting diagonals. The returned array must have the same data type as x.

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