, width, fillchar=' ')[source]#

Return a copy of a with its elements centered in a string of length width.

aarray-like, with StringDType, bytes_, or str_ dtype
widtharray_like, with any integer dtype

The length of the resulting strings, unless width < str_len(a).

fillchararray-like, with StringDType, bytes_, or str_ dtype

Optional padding character to use (default is space).


Output array of StringDType, bytes_ or str_ dtype, depending on input types

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While it is possible for a and fillchar to have different dtypes, passing a non-ASCII character in fillchar when a is of dtype “S” is not allowed, and a ValueError is raised.


>>> c = np.array(['a1b2','1b2a','b2a1','2a1b']); c
array(['a1b2', '1b2a', 'b2a1', '2a1b'], dtype='<U4')
>>>, width=9)
array(['   a1b2  ', '   1b2a  ', '   b2a1  ', '   2a1b  '], dtype='<U9')
>>>, width=9, fillchar='*')
array(['***a1b2**', '***1b2a**', '***b2a1**', '***2a1b**'], dtype='<U9')
>>>, width=1)
array(['a1b2', '1b2a', 'b2a1', '2a1b'], dtype='<U4')