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NumPy 1.7.2 Release Notes

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NumPy 1.7.0 Release Notes

NumPy 1.7.1 Release Notes

This is a bugfix only release in the 1.7.x series. It supports Python 2.4 - 2.7 and 3.1 - 3.3 and is the last series that supports Python 2.4 - 2.5.

Issues fixed

  • gh-2973: Fix 1 is printed during numpy.test()

  • gh-2983: BUG: gh-2969: Backport memory leak fix 80b3a34.

  • gh-3007: Backport gh-3006

  • gh-2984: Backport fix complex polynomial fit

  • gh-2982: BUG: Make nansum work with booleans.

  • gh-2985: Backport large sort fixes

  • gh-3039: Backport object take

  • gh-3105: Backport nditer fix op axes initialization

  • gh-3108: BUG: npy-pkg-config ini files were missing after Bento build.

  • gh-3124: BUG: PyArray_LexSort allocates too much temporary memory.

  • gh-3131: BUG: Exported f2py_size symbol prevents linking multiple f2py modules.

  • gh-3117: Backport gh-2992

  • gh-3135: DOC: Add mention of PyArray_SetBaseObject stealing a reference

  • gh-3134: DOC: Fix typo in fft docs (the indexing variable is ‘m’, not ‘n’).

  • gh-3136: Backport #3128