core.records.fromrecords(recList, dtype=None, shape=None, formats=None, names=None, titles=None, aligned=False, byteorder=None)[source]

Create a recarray from a list of records in text form.


data in the same field may be heterogeneous - they will be promoted to the highest data type.

dtypedata-type, optional

valid dtype for all arrays

shapeint or tuple of ints, optional

shape of each array.

formats, names, titles, aligned, byteorder :

If dtype is None, these arguments are passed to numpy.format_parser to construct a dtype. See that function for detailed documentation.

If both formats and dtype are None, then this will auto-detect formats. Use list of tuples rather than list of lists for faster processing.


record array consisting of given recList rows.


>>> r=np.core.records.fromrecords([(456,'dbe',1.2),(2,'de',1.3)],
... names='col1,col2,col3')
>>> print(r[0])
(456, 'dbe', 1.2)
>>> r.col1
array([456,   2])
>>> r.col2
array(['dbe', 'de'], dtype='<U3')
>>> import pickle
>>> pickle.loads(pickle.dumps(r))
rec.array([(456, 'dbe', 1.2), (  2, 'de', 1.3)],
          dtype=[('col1', '<i8'), ('col2', '<U3'), ('col3', '<f8')])