core.records.fromrecords(recList, dtype=None, shape=None, formats=None, names=None, titles=None, aligned=False, byteorder=None)[source]#

Create a recarray from a list of records in text form.


data in the same field may be heterogeneous - they will be promoted to the highest data type.

dtypedata-type, optional

valid dtype for all arrays

shapeint or tuple of ints, optional

shape of each array.

formats, names, titles, aligned, byteorder

If dtype is None, these arguments are passed to numpy.format_parser to construct a dtype. See that function for detailed documentation.

If both formats and dtype are None, then this will auto-detect formats. Use list of tuples rather than list of lists for faster processing.


record array consisting of given recList rows.


>>> r=np.core.records.fromrecords([(456,'dbe',1.2),(2,'de',1.3)],
... names='col1,col2,col3')
>>> print(r[0])
(456, 'dbe', 1.2)
>>> r.col1
array([456,   2])
>>> r.col2
array(['dbe', 'de'], dtype='<U3')
>>> import pickle
>>> pickle.loads(pickle.dumps(r))
rec.array([(456, 'dbe', 1.2), (  2, 'de', 1.3)],
          dtype=[('col1', '<i8'), ('col2', '<U3'), ('col3', '<f8')])