Provides the CCompilerOpt class, used for handling the CPU/hardware optimization, starting from parsing the command arguments, to managing the relation between the CPU baseline and dispatch-able features, also generating the required C headers and ending with compiling the sources with proper compiler’s flags.

CCompilerOpt doesn’t provide runtime detection for the CPU features, instead only focuses on the compiler side, but it creates abstract C headers that can be used later for the final runtime dispatching process.


new_ccompiler_opt(compiler, dispatch_hpath, ...)

Create a new instance of 'CCompilerOpt' and generate the dispatch header which contains the #definitions and headers of platform-specific instruction-sets for the enabled CPU baseline and dispatch-able features.


CCompilerOpt(ccompiler[, cpu_baseline, ...])

A helper class for CCompiler aims to provide extra build options to effectively control of compiler optimizations that are directly related to CPU features.