NumPy Roadmap

This is a live snapshot of tasks and features we will be investing resources in. It may be used to encourage and inspire developers and to search for funding.


We aim to make it easier to interoperate with NumPy. There are many NumPy-like packages that add interesting new capabilities to the Python ecosystem, as well as many libraries that extend NumPy’s model in various ways. Work in NumPy to facilitate interoperability with all such packages, and the code that uses them, may include (among other things) interoperability protocols, better duck typing support and ndarray subclass handling.

  • The __array_function__ protocol is currently experimental and needs to be matured. See :ref`NEP18` for details.

  • New protocols for overriding other functionality in NumPy may be needed.

  • Array duck typing, or handling “duck arrays”, needs improvements. See NEP 22 — Duck typing for NumPy arrays – high level overview for details.


We aim to make it much easier to extend NumPy. The primary topic here is to improve the dtype system.

  • Easier custom dtypes:

    • Simplify and/or wrap the current C-API

    • More consistent support for dtype metadata

    • Support for writing a dtype in Python

  • New string dtype(s):

    • Encoded strings with fixed-width storage (utf8, latin1, …) and/or

    • Variable length strings (could share implementation with dtype=object, but are explicitly type-checked)

    • One of these should probably be the default for text data. The current behavior on Python 3 is neither efficient nor user friendly.

  • np.dtype(int) should not be platform dependent

  • Better coercion for string + number


We want to further improve NumPy’s performance, through:

  • Better use of SIMD instructions, also on platforms other than x86.

  • Reducing ufunc overhead.

  • Optimizations in individual functions.

Furthermore we would like to improve the benchmarking system, in terms of coverage, easy of use, and publication of the results (now here) as part of the docs or website.

Website and documentation

Our website ( is in very poor shape and needs to be rewritten completely.

The NumPy documentation is of varying quality - in particular the User Guide needs major improvements.

Random number generation policy & rewrite

A new random number generation framework with higher performance generators is close to completion, see NEP 19 — Random Number Generator Policy and PR 13163.


We intend to add new indexing modes for “vectorized indexing” and “outer indexing”, see NEP 21 — Simplified and explicit advanced indexing.

Continuous Integration

We depend on CI to discover problems as we continue to develop NumPy before the code reaches downstream users.

  • CI for more exotic platforms (if available as a service).

  • Multi-package testing

  • Add an official channel for numpy dev builds for CI usage by other projects so they may confirm new builds do not break their package.

Other functionality

  • MaskedArray needs to be improved, ideas include:

    • Rewrite masked arrays to not be a ndarray subclass – maybe in a separate project?

    • MaskedArray as a duck-array type, and/or

    • dtypes that support missing values

  • A backend system for numpy.fft (so that e.g. fft-mkl doesn’t need to monkeypatch numpy)

  • Write a strategy on how to deal with overlap between NumPy and SciPy for linalg and fft (and implement it).

  • Deprecate np.matrix (very slowly)