NumPy 1.14.1 Release Notes

This is a bugfix release for some problems reported following the 1.14.0 release. The major problems fixed are the following.

  • Problems with the new array printing, particularly the printing of complex values, Please report any additional problems that may turn up.

  • Problems with np.einsum due to the new optimized=True default. Some fixes for optimization have been applied and optimize=False is now the default.

  • The sort order in np.unique when axis=<some-number> will now always be lexicographic in the subarray elements. In previous NumPy versions there was an optimization that could result in sorting the subarrays as unsigned byte strings.

  • The change in 1.14.0 that multi-field indexing of structured arrays returns a view instead of a copy has been reverted but remains on track for NumPy 1.15. Affected users should read the 1.14.1 Numpy User Guide section “basics/structured arrays/accessing multiple fields” for advice on how to manage this transition.

The Python versions supported in this release are 2.7 and 3.4 - 3.6. The Python 3.6 wheels available from PIP are built with Python 3.6.2 and should be compatible with all previous versions of Python 3.6. The source releases were cythonized with Cython 0.26.1, which is known to not support the upcoming Python 3.7 release. People who wish to run Python 3.7 should check out the NumPy repo and try building with the, as yet, unreleased master branch of Cython.


A total of 14 people contributed to this release. People with a “+” by their names contributed a patch for the first time.

  • Allan Haldane

  • Charles Harris

  • Daniel Smith

  • Dennis Weyland +

  • Eric Larson

  • Eric Wieser

  • Jarrod Millman

  • Kenichi Maehashi +

  • Marten van Kerkwijk

  • Mathieu Lamarre

  • Sebastian Berg

  • Simon Conseil

  • Simon Gibbons

  • xoviat

Pull requests merged

A total of 36 pull requests were merged for this release.

  • #10339: BUG: restrict the __config__ modifications to win32

  • #10368: MAINT: Adjust type promotion in linalg.norm

  • #10375: BUG: add missing paren and remove quotes from repr of fieldless…

  • #10395: MAINT: Update download URL in

  • #10396: BUG: fix einsum issue with unicode input and py2

  • #10397: BUG: fix error message not formatted in einsum

  • #10398: DOC: add documentation about how to handle new array printing

  • #10403: BUG: Set einsum optimize parameter default to False.

  • #10424: ENH: Fix repr of np.record objects to match np.void types #10412

  • #10425: MAINT: Update zesty to artful for i386 testing

  • #10431: REL: Add 1.14.1 release notes template

  • #10435: MAINT: Use ValueError for duplicate field names in lookup (backport)

  • #10534: BUG: Provide a better error message for out-of-order fields

  • #10536: BUG: Resize bytes columns in genfromtxt (backport of #10401)

  • #10537: BUG: multifield-indexing adds padding bytes: revert for 1.14.1

  • #10539: BUG: fix issue with python 2.7.5

  • #10540: BUG: Add missing DECREF in Py2 int() cast

  • #10541: TST: Add circleci document testing to maintenance/1.14.x

  • #10542: BUG: complex repr has extra spaces, missing + (1.14 backport)

  • #10550: BUG: Set missing exception after malloc

  • #10557: BUG: In numpy.i, clear CARRAY flag if wrapped buffer is not C_CONTIGUOUS.

  • #10558: DEP: Issue FutureWarning when malformed records detected.

  • #10559: BUG: Fix einsum optimize logic for singleton dimensions

  • #10560: BUG: Fix calling ufuncs with a positional output argument.

  • #10561: BUG: Fix various Big-Endian test failures (ppc64)

  • #10562: BUG: Make dtype.descr error for out-of-order fields.

  • #10563: BUG: arrays not being flattened in union1d

  • #10607: MAINT: Update sphinxext submodule hash.

  • #10608: BUG: Revert sort optimization in np.unique.

  • #10609: BUG: infinite recursion in str of 0d subclasses

  • #10610: BUG: Align type definition with generated lapack

  • #10612: BUG/ENH: Improve output for structured non-void types

  • #10622: BUG: deallocate recursive closure in (1.14 backport)

  • #10624: BUG: Correctly identify comma separated dtype strings

  • #10629: BUG: deallocate recursive closure in (backport…

  • #10630: REL: Prepare for 1.14.1 release.