NumPy 1.8.2 Release Notes

This is a bugfix only release in the 1.8.x series.

Issues fixed

  • gh-4836: partition produces wrong results for multiple selections in equal ranges

  • gh-4656: Make fftpack._raw_fft threadsafe

  • gh-4628: incorrect argument order to _copyto in in np.nanmax, np.nanmin

  • gh-4642: Hold GIL for converting dtypes types with fields

  • gh-4733: fix np.linalg.svd(b, compute_uv=False)

  • gh-4853: avoid unaligned simd load on reductions on i386

  • gh-4722: Fix seg fault converting empty string to object

  • gh-4613: Fix lack of NULL check in array_richcompare

  • gh-4774: avoid unaligned access for strided byteswap

  • gh-650: Prevent division by zero when creating arrays from some buffers

  • gh-4602: ifort has issues with optimization flag O2, use O1