numpy.array_split(ary, indices_or_sections, axis=0)[source]#

Split an array into multiple sub-arrays.

Please refer to the split documentation. The only difference between these functions is that array_split allows indices_or_sections to be an integer that does not equally divide the axis. For an array of length l that should be split into n sections, it returns l % n sub-arrays of size l//n + 1 and the rest of size l//n.

See also


Split array into multiple sub-arrays of equal size.


>>> x = np.arange(8.0)
>>> np.array_split(x, 3)
[array([0.,  1.,  2.]), array([3.,  4.,  5.]), array([6.,  7.])]
>>> x = np.arange(9)
>>> np.array_split(x, 4)
[array([0, 1, 2]), array([3, 4]), array([5, 6]), array([7, 8])]