lib.format.read_array(fp, allow_pickle=False, pickle_kwargs=None, *, max_header_size=10000)[source]#

Read an array from an NPY file.

fpfile_like object

If this is not a real file object, then this may take extra memory and time.

allow_picklebool, optional

Whether to allow writing pickled data. Default: False

Changed in version 1.16.3: Made default False in response to CVE-2019-6446.


Additional keyword arguments to pass to pickle.load. These are only useful when loading object arrays saved on Python 2 when using Python 3.

max_header_sizeint, optional

Maximum allowed size of the header. Large headers may not be safe to load securely and thus require explicitly passing a larger value. See ast.literal_eval for details. This option is ignored when allow_pickle is passed. In that case the file is by definition trusted and the limit is unnecessary.


The array from the data on disk.


If the data is invalid, or allow_pickle=False and the file contains an object array.