lib.format.write_array(fp, array, version=None, allow_pickle=True, pickle_kwargs=None)[source]#

Write an array to an NPY file, including a header.

If the array is neither C-contiguous nor Fortran-contiguous AND the file_like object is not a real file object, this function will have to copy data in memory.

fpfile_like object

An open, writable file object, or similar object with a .write() method.


The array to write to disk.

version(int, int) or None, optional

The version number of the format. None means use the oldest supported version that is able to store the data. Default: None

allow_picklebool, optional

Whether to allow writing pickled data. Default: True

pickle_kwargsdict, optional

Additional keyword arguments to pass to pickle.dump, excluding ‘protocol’. These are only useful when pickling objects in object arrays on Python 3 to Python 2 compatible format.


If the array cannot be persisted. This includes the case of allow_pickle=False and array being an object array.

Various other errors

If the array contains Python objects as part of its dtype, the process of pickling them may raise various errors if the objects are not picklable.