NumPy 1.26.3 Release Notes#

NumPy 1.26.3 is a maintenance release that fixes bugs and regressions discovered after the 1.26.2 release. The most notable changes are the f2py bug fixes. The Python versions supported by this release are 3.9-3.12.


f2py will no longer accept ambiguous -m and .pyf CLI combinations. When more than one .pyf file is passed, an error is raised. When both -m and a .pyf is passed, a warning is emitted and the -m provided name is ignored.


f2py now handles common blocks which have kind specifications from modules. This further expands the usability of intrinsics like iso_fortran_env and iso_c_binding.


A total of 18 people contributed to this release. People with a “+” by their names contributed a patch for the first time.

  • @DWesl

  • @Illviljan

  • Alexander Grund

  • Andrea Bianchi +

  • Charles Harris

  • Daniel Vanzo

  • Johann Rohwer +

  • Matti Picus

  • Nathan Goldbaum

  • Peter Hawkins

  • Raghuveer Devulapalli

  • Ralf Gommers

  • Rohit Goswami

  • Sayed Adel

  • Sebastian Berg

  • Stefano Rivera +

  • Thomas A Caswell

  • matoro

Pull requests merged#

A total of 42 pull requests were merged for this release.

  • #25130: MAINT: prepare 1.26.x for further development

  • #25188: TYP: add None to __getitem__ in numpy.array_api

  • #25189: BLD,BUG: quadmath required where available [f2py]

  • #25190: BUG: alpha doesn’t use REAL(10)

  • #25191: BUG: Fix FP overflow error in division when the divisor is scalar

  • #25192: MAINT: Pin scipy-openblas version.

  • #25201: BUG: Fix f2py to enable use of string optional inout argument

  • #25202: BUG: Fix -fsanitize=alignment issue in numpy/_core/src/multiarray/arraytypes.c.src

  • #25203: TST: Explicitly pass NumPy path to cython during tests (also…

  • #25204: BUG: fix issues with newaxis and linalg.solve in numpy.array_api

  • #25205: BUG: Disallow shadowed modulenames

  • #25217: BUG: Handle common blocks with kind specifications from modules

  • #25218: BUG: Fix moving compiled executable to root with f2py -c on Windows

  • #25219: BUG: Fix single to half-precision conversion on PPC64/VSX3

  • #25227: TST: f2py: fix issue in test skip condition

  • #25240: Revert “MAINT: Pin scipy-openblas version.”

  • #25249: MAINT: do not use long type

  • #25377: TST: PyPy needs another gc.collect on latest versions

  • #25378: CI: Install Lapack runtime on Cygwin.

  • #25379: MAINT: Bump conda-incubator/setup-miniconda from 2.2.0 to 3.0.1

  • #25380: BLD: update vendored Meson for AIX shared library fix

  • #25419: MAINT: Init base in cpu_avx512_kn

  • #25420: BUG: Fix failing test_features on SapphireRapids

  • #25422: BUG: Fix non-contiguous memory load when ARM/Neon is enabled

  • #25428: MAINT,BUG: Never import distutils above 3.12 [f2py]

  • #25452: MAINT: make the import-time check for old Accelerate more specific

  • #25458: BUG: fix macOS version checks for Accelerate support

  • #25465: MAINT: Bump actions/setup-node and larsoner/circleci-artifacts-redirector-action

  • #25466: BUG: avoid seg fault from OOB access in RandomState.set_state()

  • #25467: BUG: Fix two errors related to not checking for failed allocations

  • #25468: BUG: Fix regression with f2py wrappers when modules and subroutines…

  • #25475: BUG: Fix build issues on SPR

  • #25478: BLD: fix uninitialized variable warnings from simd/neon/memory.h

  • #25480: BUG: Handle iso_c_type mappings more consistently

  • #25481: BUG: Fix module name bug in signature files [urgent] [f2py]

  • #25482: BUG: Handle .pyf.src and fix SciPy [urgent]

  • #25483: DOC: f2py rewrite with meson details

  • #25485: BUG: Add external library handling for meson [f2py]

  • #25486: MAINT: Run f2py’s meson backend with the same python that ran…

  • #25489: MAINT: Update numpy/f2py/_backends from main.

  • #25490: MAINT: Easy updates of f2py/*.py from main.

  • #25491: MAINT: Update and from main