NumPy 1.12.1 Release Notes#

NumPy 1.12.1 supports Python 2.7 and 3.4 - 3.6 and fixes bugs and regressions found in NumPy 1.12.0. In particular, the regression in f2py constant parsing is fixed. Wheels for Linux, Windows, and OSX can be found on PyPI,

Bugs Fixed#

  • BUG: Fix wrong future nat warning and equiv type logic error…

  • BUG: Fix wrong masked median for some special cases

  • DOC: Place np.average in inline code

  • TST: Work around isfinite inconsistency on i386

  • BUG: Guard against replacing constants without ‘_’ spec in f2py.

  • BUG: Fix mean for float 16 non-array inputs for 1.12

  • BUG: Fix calling python api with error set and minor leaks for…

  • BUG: Make iscomplexobj compatible with custom dtypes again

  • BUG: Fix undefined behaviour induced by bad __array_wrap__

  • BUG: Fix MaskedArray.__setitem__

  • BUG: PPC64el machines are POWER for Fortran in f2py

  • BUG: Look up methods on MaskedArray in _frommethod

  • BUG: Remove extra digit in binary_repr at limit

  • BUG: Fix deepcopy regression for empty arrays.

  • BUG: Fix ma.median for empty ndarrays