NumPy 1.6.2 Release Notes#

This is a bugfix release in the 1.6.x series. Due to the delay of the NumPy 1.7.0 release, this release contains far more fixes than a regular NumPy bugfix release. It also includes a number of documentation and build improvements.

Issues fixed#


  • #2063: make unique() return consistent index

  • #1138: allow creating arrays from empty buffers or empty slices

  • #1446: correct note about correspondence vstack and concatenate

  • #1149: make argmin() work for datetime

  • #1672: fix allclose() to work for scalar inf

  • #1747: make np.median() work for 0-D arrays

  • #1776: make complex division by zero to yield inf properly

  • #1675: add scalar support for the format() function

  • #1905: explicitly check for NaNs in allclose()

  • #1952: allow floating ddof in std() and var()

  • #1948: fix regression for indexing chararrays with empty list

  • #2017: fix type hashing

  • #2046: deleting array attributes causes segfault

  • #2033: a**2.0 has incorrect type

  • #2045: make attribute/iterator_element deletions not segfault

  • #2021: fix segfault in searchsorted()

  • #2073: fix float16 __array_interface__ bug


  • #2048: break reference cycle in NpzFile

  • #1573: savetxt() now handles complex arrays

  • #1387: allow bincount() to accept empty arrays

  • #1899: fixed histogramdd() bug with empty inputs

  • #1793: fix failing npyio test under py3k

  • #1936: fix extra nesting for subarray dtypes

  • #1848: make tril/triu return the same dtype as the original array

  • #1918: use Py_TYPE to access ob_type, so it works also on Py3


  • #1261: change compile flag on AIX from -O5 to -O3

  • #1377: update HP compiler flags

  • #1383: provide better support for C++ code on HPUX

  • #1857: fix build for py3k + pip

  • BLD: raise a clearer warning in case of building without cleaning up first

  • BLD: follow build_ext coding convention in build_clib

  • BLD: fix up detection of Intel CPU on OS X in

  • BLD: add support for the new X11 directory structure on Ubuntu & co.

  • BLD: add ufsparse to the libraries search path.

  • BLD: add ‘pgfortran’ as a valid compiler in the Portland Group

  • BLD: update version match regexp for IBM AIX Fortran compilers.


  • BUG: Use npy_intp instead of long in mtrand



  • ENH: Introduce new options extra_f77_compiler_args and extra_f90_compiler_args

  • BLD: Improve reporting of fcompiler value

  • BUG: Fix f2py test


  • ENH: Add some tests for polynomial printing

  • ENH: Add companion matrix functions

  • DOC: Rearrange the polynomial documents

  • BUG: Fix up links to classes

  • DOC: Add version added to some of the polynomial package modules

  • DOC: Document xxxfit functions in the polynomial package modules

  • BUG: The polynomial convenience classes let different types interact

  • DOC: Document the use of the polynomial convenience classes

  • DOC: Improve numpy reference documentation of polynomial classes

  • ENH: Improve the computation of polynomials from roots

  • STY: Code cleanup in polynomial [*]fromroots functions

  • DOC: Remove references to cast and NA, which were added in 1.7