NumPy 1.10.1 Release Notes#

This release deals with a few build problems that showed up in 1.10.0. Most users would not have seen these problems. The differences are:

  • Compiling with msvc9 or msvc10 for 32 bit Windows now requires SSE2. This was the easiest fix for what looked to be some miscompiled code when SSE2 was not used. If you need to compile for 32 bit Windows systems without SSE2 support, mingw32 should still work.

  • Make compiling with VS2008 python2.7 SDK easier

  • Change Intel compiler options so that code will also be generated to support systems without SSE4.2.

  • Some _config test functions needed an explicit integer return in order to avoid the openSUSE rpmlinter erring out.

  • We ran into a problem with pipy not allowing reuse of filenames and a resulting proliferation of ..*.postN releases. Not only were the names getting out of hand, some packages were unable to work with the postN suffix.

Numpy 1.10.1 supports Python 2.6 - 2.7 and 3.2 - 3.5.


45a3d84 DEP: Remove warning for full when dtype is set. 0c1a5df BLD: import setuptools to allow compile with VS2008 python2.7 sdk 04211c6 BUG: mask nan to 1 in ordered compare 826716f DOC: Document the reason msvc requires SSE2 on 32 bit platforms. 49fa187 BLD: enable SSE2 for 32-bit msvc 9 and 10 compilers dcbc4cc MAINT: remove Wreturn-type warnings from config checks d6564cb BLD: do not build exclusively for SSE4.2 processors 15cb66f BLD: do not build exclusively for SSE4.2 processors c38bc08 DOC: fix var. reference in percentile docstring 78497f4 DOC: Sync 1.10.0-notes.rst in 1.10.x branch with master.