NumPy 1.10.4 Release Notes#

This release is a bugfix source release motivated by a segfault regression. No windows binaries are provided for this release, as there appear to be bugs in the toolchain we use to generate those files. Hopefully that problem will be fixed for the next release. In the meantime, we suggest using one of the providers of windows binaries.

Compatibility notes#

  • The trace function now calls the trace method on subclasses of ndarray, except for matrix, for which the current behavior is preserved. This is to help with the units package of AstroPy and hopefully will not cause problems.

Issues Fixed#

  • gh-6922 BUG: numpy.recarray.sort segfaults on Windows.

  • gh-6937 BUG: busday_offset does the wrong thing with modifiedpreceding roll.

  • gh-6949 BUG: Type is lost when slicing a subclass of recarray.

Merged PRs#

The following PRs have been merged into 1.10.4. When the PR is a backport, the PR number for the original PR against master is listed.

  • gh-6840 TST: Update travis testing script in 1.10.x

  • gh-6843 BUG: Fix use of python 3 only FileNotFoundError in test_f2py.

  • gh-6884 REL: Update and to reflect current version.

  • gh-6916 BUG: Fix test_f2py so it runs correctly in

  • gh-6924 BUG: Fix segfault gh-6922.

  • gh-6942 Fix datetime roll=’modifiedpreceding’ bug.

  • gh-6943 DOC,BUG: Fix some latex generation problems.

  • gh-6950 BUG trace is not subclass aware, np.trace(ma) != ma.trace().

  • gh-6952 BUG recarray slices should preserve subclass.